Some will scoff at the thought that the Left controls them. (Of course, others are quite happy to accept it, and still others, to do the controlling.)

Let’s go through a little exercise. Let’s roll back the clock to January 31. You walk into a bar, your friend goes into a boardroom, I head to the Rotary Club meeting, and another of your friends gets interviewed on television.

We all stand, and we all ask for attention, and we all deliver the same message: Within just six months, millions of Americans will be forbidden by the government to go to work and earn a living. They will be forbidden to go out to eat. They will be forbidden to have a drink in a bar. They will be forbidden to get their hair cut or styled. They will be forbidden to meet others in groups larger than ten—actually, let’s make that no more than two in some instances. They will be forbidden to return to Rotary Club, or book club, or bridge club. If they have children, the children will be forbidden from going to school. If they attend church, they will be forbidden from doing that, too. If they have relatives in a nursing home, they may visit them no more. Goodbye. Be well.

The bar patrons would think you drunk, or just a demagogue. The boardroom personnel would suggest you be relieved of your duties. The Rotary Club attendees would write you off as a crackpot. The television interviewer would raise an eyebrow before regarding you as a conspiracy nut, and plan to use the footage repeatedly to generate ratings off your demonstrated lunacy.

But the message was 100% accurate, and only slightly before its time.

It doesn’t matter that any of the actions or activities may have been 100% merited—or not. The point to be made was that you accepted it. You were controlled. Were you controlled for the public good? Maybe, but that’s a debate. Nobody put a gun to your head, they just told you to do it.

You did it.

It can be argued that this was an extraordinary circumstance, and that seems true enough, but would you accept half as much for something half as big? You’ve been softened up. You will do it next time, too.

But did the Left do it to you? Isn’t it great for the Left to be able to say they didn’t do it? It was a sickness they didn’t unleash or control! Look over there! That man! Trump did it! Well, he didn’t start it, but he didn’t stop it! So he did it! Note that China is not to be blamed—that would be racist. It’s a perfect smokescreen.

I would not blame rank-and-file Democrats for doing it, and I would not presume Democrat leaders to be that smart to think this all up in advance, but neither group is quick to want to stop it, either. States run by Democrats have been much more restrictive in returning yesterday’s freedoms to their subjects. Gym owners get arrested for opening their businesses. Teachers unions are lobbying for schools not to reopen anytime soon. “I can’t teach from the grave” is a memorable protest sign, even though the science is that kids elsewhere have not transmitted it to teachers, and that the epidemiology here also suggests it is a no-to-low risk proposition. The media suppresses that. So Democrats, academics, and the media agree. Who are you to push back?

Yes, Democrat leaders across the nation and in Washington, DC agree that this is truly an extraordinary circumstance—to help them win elections. Aren’t you just miserable under Trump?

And you, you keep your mouth shut and your mask on.