The Left is all about power. They want to control you. Some want the self-satisfaction of simply being able to tell others what to do. Others want to flaunt their moral superiority by imposing their direction upon others. Some strive to find a way to make lots of money doing it. More than the occasional want to rule the world. But in every case, power is the abstract concept, not the electric utility or the gas or water company. Until now.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he would have the city cut off power and water utilities to homes violating his coronavirus rules. Did you know that city government can do that? They can’t, but that doesn’t stop the Left and the constitutionally-immune despots like Garcetti. Recall this was the same guy who granted his subjects the privilege to return outdoors to the beaches after the original lockdown, but only if their feet were in wet sand, not dry. Apparently either dry sand transmits the virus, or wet sand is an antidote—possibly both.

So Garcetti believes if you are suspected of violating his mask or distancing rules he should be able to rob you of your power—both the concept and the reality.  Is there any more direct metaphor for the Left robbing you of your power than robbing you of your power? Is the irony lost on these politicians, or do they actually get it and have to tamp down their joy in public, only to do little happy dances behind closed doors? Haha, now let’s see who has the power!

Garcetti may have wanted to be famous for his beach order, but other municipalities nationwide also allowed people in the water, and not on the beach. He did succeed, albeit, in standing pompously alone and looking ridiculous—others did not base their dictates on the wetness of the sand underfoot.

Garcetti stepped forward to be the center of attention once again with his new utility shutoff order, and once again, fell short. A gym owner in Oxford, Massachusetts already had his utilities shut off months earlier for similarly disobeying expert government dictums. However, in Massachusetts someone remembered the rule of law and its concept of due process. They got a judge’s order to move ahead with the dirty work. In theory, the judge is supposed to at least consider both sides. See how that works?

The way Garcetti talks, he can just ignore the law at will. He wants to enforce the law that gives him power, while disregarding other laws that are supposed to hold his power in check. You can’t just shut off someone’s power because you have deemed them in violation of this or that. Due process says they get a chance to be heard before any action takes place. This month, it’s the virus that’s the infraction, next month maybe it’s the grass too long, or not exclusively hybrid cars parked in the driveway.

Further, not a few power companies are public utilities: they are regulated by the government, but they are not owned by the government. How is it again that government can tell a utility company to stop providing power to any of their customers on the government’s naughty list? Could they similarly direct your pharmacy to stop supplying your medicine, or your bank to stop allowing you access to your money? Why not just state it’s in the public interest for you not to be thriving medically or financially? Done deal.

Who needs due process? Not the Left.