Kamala Harris would be the most progressive, liberal, radical Vice President—or President—the US has ever known. Much of what she supports was rejected by Barack Obama less than four years ago.

She was a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, at a cost of somewhere between $51-93 trillion over the next decade. That’s $93,000,000,000,000, with twelve zeroes. $9 trillion annually. That’s three times as much as the federal government collects in taxes annually. That’s twice the current federal spending. That’s twice the size of the current federal government. That’s over $600,000 per household or $60,000 annually. 75% of the economy would be controlled by the federal government—if the remainder does not collapse under the weight. Nothing in her legislation specifies how it will be paid for. Even with gargantuan tax increases, deficits will soar.

She was a co-sponsor of Medicare For All. It would cost over $30 trillion over the next decade, about equal to all other components of the federal budget combined. After the fact, she has said she no longer supports forcing over 150 million Americans off of private health care plans for her new government program. Check back with her soon for the flip-flop back to her starting point.

GovTrack.us, an organization tracking the US Congress and information on lawmakers and their voting records, rated Kamala Harris the most left-wing, liberal senator of 2019, ahead of Bernie Sanders and miles ahead of Elizabeth Warren. She was also named the Senate Democrat least likely to join in bipartisan legislation. In her more than three years in the Senate, she has enacted just four bills—of de minimis interest—involving a memorial, disasters, and a national historic site. Through August 2020, she has missed 22.9% of votes, vastly in excess of the median of 1.7% among all senators. She receives 100% ratings from Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group.

Kamala Harris was born to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father who is black-identifying but claims a mixed-race ancestry—notably including a white slave owner. In front of Asian audiences, she is Indian. In front of African-Americans, she is black. Did Joe Biden really make a mistake when he disregarded her as an African-American in one of the Democrat debates? Does that require being from Africa? Ask Joe—certainly, he has an elucidating answer that someone has given him.

As for Joe, during her time opposing him as a candidate rather than joining him as his vice presidential pick, she painted him to his face as a racist for trying to restrict desegregation busing, and for his associations with other Democrat segregationist senators. Of his accusers of sexual assault or harassment, she said in 2019, “I believe them.”

But back to what she believes now . . . .

She demands so-called “assault weapons” be banned. She insists also on government “buybacks” of these guns the government never owned to begin with. Since the “buybacks” are mandatory, the accurate term is actually “confiscation.” She has said if she were President, she would go for America’s guns by Executive Order by day 100 if Congress does not act.

Harris wants a transition to a fossil fuel-free future, including banning the fracking that has vaulted America to the world’s largest energy producer, and energy independence from the Middle East’s unrest and economic extortion. She wants plastic straws gone, of course. Americans also do not eat to her satisfaction. Sugar and sodas are infractions, and meat is bad for the body and the earth—all for which she favors “banning certain behaviors.”

She supports spending less on police without calling it “defunding.” Instead, she would “reimagine public safety.” She would likely spend it on the publicly funded health care that she advocates for illegal aliens at taxpayers’ expense. She effectively said her own presidential campaign failed because everyday Democrats are racists.

Kamala Harris is in favor of considering reparations to black Americans. Why not just do it? “I don’t support an idea or a notion that after all this, we’re going to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to write you a check, and then be quiet.’ Because that won’t solve the problem, which is the systemic issues that are present.” Yes, given America’s systemic racism in housing, education, health care, and the criminal justice system, money is not enough.

Welcome, Kamala Devi Harris, to the pantheon of the Left’s gods.

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