Minneapolis led off the Summer 2020 protests against police after the tragic death of George Floyd. A pivotal moment came the second or third night of the unrest, when the Minneapolis police chose to abandon the Third Precinct police building to the rioters, presumably upon orders from higher-ups. It was subsequently burned and gutted. Then the governor promised that the next night they would halt any violence, and the next night came and went, but the violence remained and seemingly intensified. That was because they had already let the genie out of the bottle. There is a clear message sent when crimes are not punished, or even confronted.

Not only did Minneapolis attract more criminals and troublemakers, the criminals and troublemakers took notice from sea to shining sea. They made a bet that politicians were spineless not just in one place, but in many, many places across the US. It was a good bet! New York City turned into a hotspot, and Portland, Oregon turned into a smoldering dumpster fire that lasted for months. In Seattle, the mayor turned over multiple city blocks to rule by a self-proclaimed new nation, or at least an “autonomous zone” that rejected the former authority that once governed it.  That went on for weeks, until protestors showed up one day in front of the mayor’s residence, and suddenly she had enough. The residents and business owners in the district she gave over to anarchy were sure they had enough after one day too, but of course they got no sympathy from the mayor before her awakening.

Would anyone have predicted a few months ago that any of this could happen just a few months earlier? Maybe, but it would have been a guess. The real question is whether anyone would have predicted all of this could happen. And the answer is unquestionably clear: NO. So many cities in America in have not burned since 1968, in the months following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s return to Minneapolis, just two months later. The good news is the nightly violence has largely subsided, unlike in Portland. The bad news is the police, put in their place by their city leaders—and a vocal component of the community—have resolved themselves to the new reality: police can no longer protect you! Just a month ago, a few of the relatively more responsible talking heads in the mainstream media did speculate that defunding police might possibly someday somehow potentially figure into an increase in crime.

 Back in the Third Precinct itself, there were reported to police 100 robberies and 20 carjackings in July alone. It is unclear why crimes are even reported to reviled police and not just endured or possibly communicated instead to the new superhero social justice league that is to replace them, but that’s a whole other discussion.

With that, the Minneapolis Police Department did feel a duty to advise those citizens that still listen to them on how to be good victims, with “good” defined as those who emerge safely from any robbery or carjacking. Tips included not being alone, carrying little cash, and being “hyper-aware,” which is apparently public service-speak for “scared sh*tless.” Oh, and “be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet.” Most importantly, certainly, in dealing with criminals is not arguing or fighting with them. “Do as they say” is now the guidance from the police.

According to the Left, what are the police good for? Telling you to obey the criminals!


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