Writing and publishing a book on the problems the Left is inflicting upon America is both a daunting and exhilarating task. It’s nice to step out of the Silent Majority and at least feel like you are taking a stand, and perhaps to inspire others to do the same. That is the exhilarating part. But it is a lot of work, especially if you want to build a foundation upon verifiable facts, and not just go off on a rant of opinion. You know what they say: opinions are like a-holes—everyone’s got one. Fifty-Six Things The Left Will Take Away From You instead takes facts and organizes them to seek to interpret them.

The other daunting part is one you might not expect. So much of what is covered affects every one of us, but the most newsworthy examples are always about someone else, and what they are doing, or having done to them. It feels like a world away—thankfully. I didn’t really expect that the Left would be interested in stopping this book from ever coming to be, but that has already happened. So the takings, or attempted takings, of the Left start right here.

Finding a publisher or a publishing consultant to help get you published may be the biggest hurdle to getting a book from the mind, out the pen, and onto paper (or into the eBooks) for others to read.

I was rejected by a number of these folks when they learned of my message. It did not agree with their worldview, and not only didn’t they want to even hear a different view, they wanted to do their parts to ensure no one else would have to endure what I had to say, either.

Being educated in the law (no, I don’t seek to represent clients, and I am not starting here), I know that the First Amendment only applies to the government. The government can’t control what you say or express (at least in theory), but private individuals and corporations actually can. Not only are these people not obligated to help me, they can just tell me to get lost. They did. Some were coy: “not a fit for us” or just “too busy” was suddenly the reply. Some were not: “I’m on the Left and wouldn’t want to work on this,” and a gem that went like this—“your book is unbelievable; no, not unbelievable great, but unbelievable full of lies.” The full of lies was for a book with over 500 citations of sources, so there could not have been much of a serious evaluation. The title and content were just wrong.

Most Americans think they have freedom of speech and expression. They think the media—the networks, the newspapers—don’t control them. But most aren’t in the news to have their actions controlled, though it is actually their minds that are being controlled by what is being reported to them. However, many do post to social media, and increasingly voices are being shut down, and demonetized, and shadow banned. In other words, the media—social media—is controlling them, actions and minds.

The lesson for me is that you don’t even have to “rise” to posting on social media to be controlled. Being controlled was also what was being done to me with the refusals to work on my book. Censorship isn’t just burning books, it’s stopping them from ever being created.

Of course, there’s a deep irony that people in the publishing industry who make their livelihoods from commercializing free speech blissfully shut it down when they feel like it. No problem, no guilt.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Left.