It is comforting—comfortingly predictable, we should say—that the Left demonstrates in today’s divided times it is gratifying to see people come together . . . to lie and deceive. Does Joe Biden want to defund police? No! But police money should have conditions! Wait, yes, he does! No, he doesn’t! He didn’t say the magic word, “defund”—he said “redirect.”

Oh Joe! Sometimes forgetting what your position is, or changing it for the audience of the day, really does serve the purpose! You are a genius! Don’t let the Orange Man call you Sleepy Joe. It should be Genius Joe!

Joe and his campaign have many thoughts for the future of the police, and many qualifications. They try really hard to tell people what they think they want to hear, and the media is happy to cover and lie for them. Take the defunding example.

In a June 10, 2020 USA Today op-ed, only two weeks into the George Floyd rioting and push to defund the police, Joe said, “I do not support defunding police.” Except he maintained the money should be conditioned upon “meaningful reforms”—like following his guidelines on using force, and hiring even more minority officers.

By July 8, with Democrats seemingly supporting the rioting protesting, Biden had a new position. His interviewer used the term “redirect.” “But do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?” the interviewer asked. “Yes, absolutely,” asserted Biden. As an example, money for policing would be redirected for mental health. You know how when you call 911 to get the police to respond, you really are asking for mental health counseling instead. Again, Biden reiterated it should not only be redirected, but conditioned: “If they don’t do the following [???], they don’t get any help.” Biden also offered that police “become the enemy” when they show up with military-style equipment.

Given Biden’s flip-flop, his push to make federal police funds dependent upon his unspecified conditions, and his clear direction to take funds away from the police, both sides went wild. Trump ads touted Biden’s position, but were quickly rebuffed by the “fact” checkers. PolitiFact,, Reuters, even Fox News all called the Trump assertions false and declared that Biden was not for defunding the police.

PolitiFact was so bold as to omit any reference to his July 8 pronouncement while listing it as a source and quoting only Biden’s supportive statements instead. Do you see how fake news works—for “fact” checking, no less? highlights the “redirect,” but excuses it by reporting Biden went on to say that’s not the same as “defunding all the police.” All the police? Ok Joe, isn’t “absolutely” redirecting the same as defunding some of the police? Reuters quibbles that “redirect” is not the same word as “defund,” so no one can say Biden wants to defund. See, proof! Even better, they insist, not once but three times, that Biden will instead increase funding to police with $300 million to reinvigorate the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program. Their critical thinking could use the same three times effort, because so far they fail to discern that with about 700,000 police officers in the US, that would provide about $400 additional for each officer. Maybe that would buy each a flat screen TV to watch Black Lives Matter training films after work every day.

The COPS program idea is found on the Biden website, where the sleight of hand resembles that of a street corner shell game. Biden takes credit for the quarter century-old program without ever mentioning it was part of his infamous 1994 crime bill, for which minorities resent him. Then the site states it was never properly funded, even as it has handed out $14 billion since then. What is proper funding? The funding was by far the lowest during the Obama-Biden administration. It has gone up significantly since Trump is in office. If Biden thought it was not properly funded, he had fourteen years as a senator and eight as vice-president to fix it. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

The COPS program was funded to $304 million for FY2019 under Trump. Is Joe wanting to reduce it by $4 million while claiming credit? Even if he wants to add it on top, why not compare it to the amount that defunding the police already totals through mid-August 2020, with at least thirteen cities on the defund bandwagon. Norman, OK and Hartford are in at about $1 million each. Seattle is down $3.5 million and Salt Lake City, about $5.5 million. Washington, DC and Oakland are each in at $15 million, Portland, OR at $16 million, and Baltimore—that paragon of law and order—at $22 million. Philadelphia snatched back $33 million. San Francisco eliminated $120 million. Los Angeles, not to be outdone, touts their $150 million cut. Austin also cut $150 million: so in just two places, gone is all of what Joe would add. And of course, the big kahuna, the wormy Big Apple, approved a cut of $1 billion. The total so far? Over $1.5 billion.

So, Joe, a real leader looking not to defund the police—one able to affect national policy as president—would have to add over $1.5 billion to make your claims. Hurry, the numbers continue to rise! And to the Left’s media decepticons: please learn math and occasionally try to provide all the relevant facts to allow others to draw honest conclusions without inserting your malevolent, divisive bias.