California, the Golden State, seems to be a bit darker color lately. Certainly the streets of San Francisco are not paved with gold. Human feces of a different color dirty the streets. Perhaps the ordinances requiring people to pick up after their dogs should bow to the Left’s drive for equity and apply to all species equally, especially the two-legged ones. South Lake Tahoe recently turned up another color—the black of the Black Death bubonic plague. That seems an unlikely place, but fleas hitchhiking on rats apparently get around well enough without requiring government-subsidized public transportation from areas like Los Angeles, where a whole spate of medieval diseases like consumption, typhoid fever, and typhus have surfaced. Typhus cases in California increased tenfold from 2008 to 2018, and an attorney in Los Angeles sued for $5 million after contracting the disease following fleabites in her city hall office.

Then there are the wildfires, fueled by the environmentalists’ objections to even dead trees being harvested. It hurts the earth! California has between 100-150 million dead trees that have not been removed to fuel endless wildfires, leaving a scorched black earth instead.

Ready for more darkness? Rolling blackouts were implemented in August when California came up 15% short on its energy output on what was not even near a record consumption day. That hadn’t happened for nearly twenty years. Of course phasing out nuclear and fossil fuel plants faster than solar and wind power plants are added does not help. Had Gov. Newsom turned even to Sesame Street he could have been warned “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green” by Kermit the Frog, who at least is credible—and reasonable in his consulting fees.

It should be no surprise then that darkness prevails in California—even in hearts and minds, especially of California’s Leftist legislators. They are so focused on equity that they would rather make things equally bad out of principle than expend the effort to make things right instead.

They advanced legislation signed into law by Newsom to reduce a key penalty for statutory rape. As background, it is state law that guides penalties for sex crimes and things like age of consent, and at one time that could vary for a heterosexual versus homosexual offense. By and large, that was obsoleted by the 2003 Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas that invalidated remaining sodomy laws nationwide. People are free to go forth and multiply, or to at least go through the motions.

California, however, still has a law that was not invalidated that does not involve criminality per se, but registering as a sex offender for the criminality. It’s quite predictable if you think about it. Based upon the nation’s Judeo-Christian roots and values, heterosexual offenses were often treated as more forgivable. So in California, registered sex offender status for the crime of vaginal rape of a minor when the age of the offender is within ten years of the victim occurs only if a judge finds aggravating circumstances like exploitation. To be clear, it is possible there was no force or undue coercion in these cases, but the law says there can be no consent below a certain age. These age-gap exceptions are colloquially called “Romeo and Juliet” laws, where the presumption is that an eighteen-year-old guy should not be made a criminal for his intercourse with his willing seventeen-year-old girlfriend.

Just what is the equity issue? Largely that men can have vaginal sex with a female minor and likely escape being branded a sex offender, but that men cannot have anal or even oral sex with a male minor—child—without getting the badge.

Groups like California Family Council take issue with that, pointing out that sex between any 24-year-old and 14-year-old should not be excused or minimized, as California’s law will now mandate. (Most all states with Romeo and Juliet exceptions limit them to five years or less, and many to just two or three.) They are also concerned with organized efforts by LGBTQ groups to recruit youngsters down to age eleven to rallies and dances (or age four for “a summer day camp for trans and gender diverse youth”), ostensibly to “celebrate love,” but possibly to facilitate grooming by predatory adults. And there is a second piece of legislation that in turn releases teachers and law enforcement from mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse for knowledge of “voluntary” anal and oral sex unless the adult is over 21 and the child is under sixteen and abuse is evident. That’s a green light for every twenty-year old to go out and find a willing sixteen-year-old. Party! Let’s TikTok and meet soon!

For the Left, this is reason to celebrate! In the name of equality, will they also insist on their own MAGA hat—Make Anal R*pe Great Again?