Is it delusion or dementia? (The crazy kind, not the old-age kind.) How do Democrat leaders on the Left get along so well with an inability to speak the truth? Have they developed their own herd immunity? It really seems not a day goes by without another pronouncement that lacks any connection to reality.

Try this one on for size. Against a backdrop of faked newspaper headlines (a bad sign for truth from the start) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo maintained that Donald Trump “is actively trying to kill New York City.” One fake headline read “Trump to NY Drop Dead: Trump’s Incompetence Allowed COVID to Come to America.” This is from Cuomo, the man who termed it the “European virus” in his DNC speech, and whose fatal policy for forcing nursing homes to accept COVID patients was responsible for more deaths in nursing homes in New York than in many states in total, and combined.

This was apparently in part a response to a Trump tweet that Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio (the mayor’s chosen name he took on to sound more ethnic—thank you Warren Wilhelm) were destroying NYC with their continued shutdown despite record low infection rates. Politicians and businesspeople filing suit agreed with the president. Just as patients don’t become well when their heartbeats increase from zero to 25, restaurants are no closer to survival at 25% indoor capacity than at zero—both are below the economic breakeven. 25% just sounds better politically.

Speaking of de Blasio, with crime shooting upward in NYC, with 23 Labor Day weekend shootings up significantly over the average and shootings up almost double year to date at +87%, he termed the weekend “overwhelmingly peaceful,” and noted he was thankful for “minimal violence.” While he was very concerned about hospitals being overrun by COVID cases, it seems he has much less concern for a near doubling of gunshot victim cases. Oh, maybe that’s because many of them arrive already dead!

Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democrat nominee for vice president, visited by phone with Jacob Blake, the black man whose shooting by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin sparked widespread riots. She reportedly told him she was proud of him, but she did not specify whether that was for his outstanding warrant of felony sexual assault at the time his arrest was attempted, his resisting arrest, his apparent attempt to retrieve a knife from his vehicle while officers pursued him, or his previous record of gun charges and resisting arrest. So you get to fill in the blank. Be kind! Sen. Harris also announced during her acceptance speech that her mother raised her to be a strong black woman, though she did not elaborate how her mother, who is not black, was able to do that. Details, details! So you get to fill in the blank. But she didn’t lie!

Not everything’s made out to be a life or death issue by the Left. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot took time off, forgetting about her city’s abysmal record with murders and shootings. July 2020 was Chicago’s most violent month in 28 years, with 105 murders more than double the 44 of the same month in 2019, and shootings up at almost the same rate, at 584, just shy of double last year’s 308. But on April 5, when she received the luxury of a haircut in a salon that was not an essential business legally permitted to be open for anyone, 2020’s murders were only a little ahead of 2019. She had previously said getting roots done was not essential, but now she boasted that her hair wasessential: “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. I’m a person who takes their personal hygiene very seriously.”

She’s right—just think how disrespectful it would look if she ever showed up at one of her murder victims’ funerals with unruly hair! She should look to Democrat mayor Jim Kenney for tips on how to sneak out of town for a little coronavirus vacation, as he did by going out to eat in Maryland while his Philadelphia eateries remained closed for his own constituents. Gotta be smart about these little things!

And then we have Nancy Pelosi. Oh Nancy! You’re tough on the outside, but a real softie at heart! You got your hair done in San Francisco in a salon that was also closed to the public for the coronavirus. You wanted to look good—just to make your public proud—like Mayor Lightfoot! But when you were also caught on film, and criticized, you gave it right back! You apologized . . . but only for being “set up”!  Haha. No one can touch you.

Nancy has had her share of coronavirus moments. Democrats have lately taken to lambasting President Trump for not taking the Wuhan virus seriously enough early on despite his shutdown of travel from China announced in January. Yet Nancy was filmed standing in San Francisco’s Chinatown on February 24 without a mask, without social distancing, hugging repeatedly, and imploring people to visit because “everything is fine here.”

Maybe Nancy knows something the rest of us don’t. Whether the virus or other disasters, she apparently has the inside scoop from an unassailable source: “Mother Nature is angry. She’s telling us, whether she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West—whatever it is, that climate crisis is real.” No matter what happens with Chinese laboratories, normal seasonal weather phenomenon, poor forestry practices in the west dictated by crazy environmentalists on the Left, or “whatever it is,” Nancy has the answer.

Don’t you want to join the Left so you can also have your own version of the truth?