Have you heard that America is racist? “Systemically racist”? How many times this year, month, week, or day? Leading Democrats espouse that, and the media, and academia, and Hollywood all bob their heads in agreement. The Left wants you to believe that to make a case for everything from reparations to throwing away the Constitution.

Yet the history is that it is Democrats, not Republicans, who are racist. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, abolished slavery by decree and a civil war that saw 400,000 Union soldiers and Lincoln himself killed for their anti-slavery actions. It was Eisenhower, a Republican, who delivered the first civil rights legislation since the Civil War. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, while announced by Democrats Kennedy and signed by Johnson, was broadly supported by Republicans even as Senator Byrd, a Democrat and former KKK member, filibustered against it. Joe Biden was criticized by his own running mate for supporting racial segregation and its Democrat proponents!

There is more current evidence beyond Biden. Cops are taking a beating from sea to sea, charged with racism by countless Democrat politicians from President Barack Obama on down. The police forces being charged most often work for Democrats, however. Republican mayors serve in only three of America’s top 25 cities, and in only eleven of the top 50. Why don’t these Democrats fix it? How can they allow “systemic racism” under their watches?

It’s not that the “systemic racism” just started. Recall that we are told it’s been with us since Day One, when those white Founding Fathers set up a system designed to not only permit slavery, but to keep all but white, property owning men like them poor and disenfranchised for all time. Apparently there have been no improvements since then.

It’s not that Democrat mayors haven’t had time to make the fixes. The last Republican mayor of Baltimore left office in 1967, as the first tranches of Democrat Johnson’s Great Society money started rolling in. Remember the problem with their deemed “racist” cops in 2015—the problem that saw rioting and looting and chunks of Baltimore burned to the ground? The mayor’s solution at the time was to have the cops stand down and declared, we “gave those who wished to destroy [the] space to do that.” When she understood how that resonated, she retreated, and denounced “thugs,” only to be charged as racist by one of her own on City Council. She apologized, of course.

Did her successor do anything to stem the “systemic racism”? It seems she was distracted by her own tax evasion and conspiracy before she was forced to resign. How about the mayor before the two of them? Could she have prevented the sad events of 2015? She was also tragically forced out of office too soon, beset by a criminal conviction of “fraudulent misappropriation.” Oh, what might have been! Sensing that, she has continued to run for mayor.

Meanwhile, Baltimore ranks as a murder capital of the US on par with the “best” in the world. Baltimore virtually ties Ciudad Juárez, the Mexican border city known for endless cartel, gang, and serial killer violence.  The US Department of State urges Americans to reconsider any travel to Ciudad Juarez, and absolutely forbids government employees from even setting foot in some parts.  There are no such advisories for those Americans contemplating attending an Orioles game, or even visiting the neighborhood of Baltimore’s rioting. The Baltimore Office of Tourism and Cultural Arts welcomes you! For murders, Baltimore does outrank Cali, Colombia, once home to the Cali cartel, the world’s largest purveyor of cocaine. Finally, a win for Baltimore!

It appears that Baltimore’s 64% African American population is happy with its Democrat leaders. Unfortunately, Baltimore has no monopoly on fruitless Democrat control of African Americans. Atlanta today has a 54% majority of African Americans, and it hasn’t elected other than a Democrat mayor since ’79—that’s 1879! But it is New Orleans that gets bragging rights for being 60% African American and not having elected other than a Democrat mayor since 1872!

We need not catalog the economic and social woes of Detroit—they are well known—and its 83% African American population may as aptly be termed survivors as citizens, but those survivors remain sold on the tried-and-untrue Democrat agenda for them. They have elected only Democrat mayors since 1962. Washington DC has never not had a Democrat mayor since President Johnson saw that one was first appointed in 1967.

Further arguing against our proclaimed “systemic racism” is the tally of America’s cities run by blacks. Of the top 25 cities, seven have black mayors. How do they allow “systemic racism” to thwart their noble plans for their own people? Atlanta has had only black mayors since 1974, and DC has only had black mayors, period. New Orleans has had only one white mayor since 1978, and Detroit only one white mayor since 1974.

What happened to Black Power? What’s it been used for? And what about Baltimore? Here’s the score: Only Democrat mayors since 1967. Only black Democrat mayors since 1987. Only black Democrat women mayors elected since 2007. What are the odds of success so far with electing another Democrat black woman mayor in Baltimore? 2:1 for leaving office under a criminal cloud. Don’t Baltimore and its black populace deserve better from their own? What is the definition of insanity? Couldn’t we consider candidates’ qualifications, policies, and records instead of just skin color? Again, just who is racist here in denying others a better life?

Beware of the Left’s “systemic racism.”