Does the term “systemic racism” seem to have come from nowhere to appear everywhere?

Thank President Obama. Though to be fair, he couldn’t help it. His father criticized his native Kenya’s government policy as too socialist and not enough Marxist. His mother was reportedly a communist sympathizer. A mentor of his teen years that he mentions multiple times in his book Dreams from My Father was a communist born in Kansas in 1905 who never got over his childhood of poverty and racism. “Are you with me in my determination to wipe out white supremacy?” he established as his pivotal question. Then Obama ended up in Harvard Law School, where he was a student of Critical Legal Studies and Critical Race Theory. It can thus be no surprise that when he himself lectured on “Current Issues in Racism and the Law,” he taught Critical Race Theory to another generation of impressionable law students at University of Chicago.

What are Critical Legal Studies and Critical Race Theory?

Critical Legal Studies is a descendant of Marxism. This legal school of thought teaches that law is just politics, and it is certainly not something that inherently reflects righteousness or morality. It exists only to shore up the order fabricated by the Founding Fathers. The prescribed response is to make new lawyers the agents of the Left’s social rebellion.

As an offshoot of Critical Legal Studies, Critical Race Theory goes even further, holding out racism as the boogeyman of the Constitution. Here the law moves beyond maintaining the Founding Fathers’ order—it exists to perpetuate racism and exploitation. The law and its institutions are designed and operated to serve white people at the expense of all others, thus creating poverty and criminality among minorities. It is drawn from Martin Luther King, Jr., but also from Malcolm X and the Black Panthers.

Have a sense yet of what inspires “systemic racism”? Of course, Obama also spent another eight years lecturing his new classroom of 300 million that the law’s police are racist, germinating the lack of respect that has grown to outright defiance of authority and widespread rioting and even police assassinations seen in 2020.

Still more dangerous is educating all captive audiences that America is racist. That victory has already been declared with lawyers, so there are new battles to be won. Universities have been doing it for decades, with professors already leaning Left and the influence of the law school across the campus commons bleeding into the other disciplines. The K-12 school systems are now also reliably purveyors of “systemic racism,” hiring firms like the Pacific Educational Group and the National SEED Project to brainwash America’s children that mommy and daddy either inflicted racism on the other parents, or were the victims of it. There is no in between. “Systemic racism” and “white privilege” are literally their mantras. Private industry has also turned, and diversity classes and sensitivity training are standard fare. Better not push back if you like your paycheck!

Much ground has already been ceded. To Donald Trump’s credit, however, when he recently heard of yet another push of teaching white guilt and forcing white men employed by the federal government against their will to write apologies to their female and minority coworkers, he acted. He has some measure of direct control over the federal government. Oh, and how about that thing about the government not being able to dictate your speech—how does that square with forced apologies of employees?

Trump’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget communicated that all agencies cease and desist from “training” that paints America as “inherently racist or evil”—and better, any race (white!) declared the same. This comes after reports aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the training is pervasive in the federal government. In addition, one white male worker at the government’s Sandia National Laboratories—one of America’s three nuclear weapon labs—famously posted an hour-long video on YouTube decrying and refuting the training.

Of course, that other institution of the Left, the media, is already crying censorship. They have no concerns when conservatives are shut down on social media and they claim Make America Great Again hats should be banned as hate speech, but speech labeling an entire race and gender hateful bigots by the government is okay. A writer for Forbes objecting to “narratives” of “the pervasiveness of institutional racism” being quashed by Trump proves just how effective the indoctrination has been: he provides no support for his “pervasiveness,” as if it is obvious to all.

Want to know what it feels like to be a white person under assault by the race-baiters of the Left in the government? Try this on for size, directed in June to eight federal agencies by their own Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion: “It is imperative at this time that people who are White invest in race-based growth and development on topics such as systemic racism, intersectionality, White privilege, and White fragility. Learn the history.”

Should blacks invest in two-parent households? Hispanics invest in English as a first language? Will they be writing letters of apology? Or should we not answer racism with racism?

The Left has their own investment to protect.

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