What ‘s the effect on your life of the Biden/Green New Deal mandate for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?

There will be lifestyle changes. If the Left can’t convince—or force—you to take mass transit, then surely you must drive an electric car. But again, they’d really like you to use only solar or wind power. That alternative to an electric car would have solar panels, a sail, and a garden. The solar panel will be about 4 feet by 4 feet, and you’ll still need a sail for when the sun don’t shine. And the garden will be about the same size as the solar panel. It’s designed for the plants to actually consume some carbon dioxide and to even out the amount the Left cannot legislate out of existence when your every breath pushes carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You are very bad!

And how about air travel? Will the wings now be solar panels and the wind turbines replace the propellers? Could white supremacists be herded up to pull back on the huge rubber bands used to launch the planes? Finally, environmental and racial justice all in one!

Another not so small effect will be the price tag. The Green New Deal comes in at a cost of somewhere between $51-93 trillion over the next decade. That’s $93,000,000,000,000, with twelve zeroes. $9 trillion annually. That’s three times as much as the federal government collects in taxes annually. That’s twice the current federal spending. That’s twice the size of the current federal government. That’s over $60,000 needed per household annually to pay for it. Every year! 75% of the economy would be controlled by the federal government—if the remainder does not collapse under the weight. Nothing in the legislation specifies how it will be paid for. Even with gargantuan tax increases for you, deficits will soar.

Biden’s plan has the same goal, but he says it will cost much less. Biden says a lot of stuff that is not remotely true. Listen to his stories about being shot at in Iraq, “forced down” in a helicopter in Afghanistan, arrested in South Africa going to see Nelson Mandela, and marching in the civil rights movement back in the day. All perfect lies. Take your pills Joe—there’s four this time. Good boy!

Could there be an even bigger effect? Yes. Control by the Left!

If you are looking to build government power and put your own people in place to be the ones controlling that government power, regulating carbon emissions is a genius move for multiple reasons. First, it plays on the ignorance and gullibility of the masses. The public can’t measure global temperatures or determine the reliability of those current and historical measurements. They can’t easily determine whether man versus nature is causing climate change, or judge whether man has any chance of changing any trends. They can’t assess whether one nation may be more responsible and more liable to fund any possible solutions. So the so-called “experts” will feed them all they need to know.

Second, it plays on the inherent goodness of people. can make a difference? How? Third, it is so pervasive that it permits all-encompassing scope and use of power to be exercised. There is almost nothing immune to regulation with carbon emission “corrections.” Fourth, it is, therefore, an unprecedented opportunity to vastly grow government. That’s a win-win-win-win.

Climate change and big government go hand in hand. Climate change represents the biggest opportunity for Democrats and Leftists to control people and exert power. Bigger than the coronavirus, and that’s saying something! It is irresistible for them. It is the meaty bone to their slobbering jowls. To honor science and save the world, this country must finally unite behind Democrat control!

And how better to grow government than to engage to fight Nature? It can never be defeated, and it will never go away.

And neither will Big Government dominated and ruled by Democrats and the Deep State Swamp. A vote for Joe is a vote for totalitarianism.