Is Joe Biden for the Green New Deal? The first page of his climate change plan on his website says, “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

What did he tell America during his first debate with Donald Trump? “I don’t support the Green New Deal.” LIE! Biden’s plan has the same goal as the Green New Deal introduced into Congress last year: to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Do you understand what that jargon means? First, it means you must eliminate all sources of carbon emissions. That’s all internal combustion engines: lawnmowers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, farm tractors, and heavy equipment. Biden has said he will get started on Day One. Understand what it takes to eliminate all carbon-based sources of power—all fossil fuels. The Left wants everything powered by electric, solar, or wind. To convert vehicles to electric still requires power plants to supply the electric. They must also be converted to be run by solar or wind. He wants that by 2035. The Left doesn’t like nuclear power, so that’s out. Solar and wind is the play.

And just eliminating manmade carbon emissions is not enough, because the earth produces its own greenhouse emissions—primarily methane, which comes from the decomposition in wetlands. Did you know that marshy, swampy Florida itself is a source of global warming? How dare they! Let’s fight Florida, now! Let’s drain the Everglades and plant daisies and sequoias for the Left instead! Don’t’ forget that methane also comes from cow belching, farting, and manure. California Democrats are already studying putting collection bags and hoses on cows. In dealing in manure, Democrats have finally found a subject they know something about!

But what’s the biggest source of greenhouse gas? Water vapor. NASA reported that during the Obama administration. He didn’t argue. Water vapor causes about two-thirds of greenhouse warming, and without any greenhouse effect, instead of the Earth’s average surface temperature being 59°F, it would be 0°F. Just what is water vapor? The humidity in the air. Again, Florida is one to be blamed. If only they had a sensible Democrat governor to fix their air!

What’s the second biggest source? Also from NASA, it is clouds. And to quote them, “scientists aren’t entirely sure what effect clouds will have on global warming. . . . Clouds remain the biggest source of uncertainty in predicting how much global temperatures will change.”

Of course, Democrats whine that “President Trump still callously and willfully denies the science that explains climate change.” Yes, but the so-called science is based upon models fabricated by scientists who are only human at best, and biased at worst. Just 50 years ago, for the first Earth Day in 1970, the inner circle assumptions in those models had the world facing an imminent global ice age. What happened? They were bad assumptions. For the last thirty years, the models were changed to warn of global warming instead. When that didn’t pan out, those on the Left changed the term to “climate change” to hedge their bets. Now they believe they can never be proven wrong.

Do you know the basis of climate change models? Who was measuring the temperature accurately 20,000 or 2,000 or even 200 years ago to calculate the changes they hold up as science? No one. They do estimates and then add dozens of assumptions and formulas. The estimates they start with are based on analyzing ancient air bubbles in glacial ice and by looking at fossils. Look at that rock! It proves climate change!

How is it that scientists can somehow reliably mathematically calculate the earth’s temperature 20,000 years ago, but they can’t determine the effects of clouds right here, right now? Where are the answers from bubbles and rocks when you need them?