What is important to the Left? Again, just follow the lies!

And the winner is . . . Joe Biden!

So what can’t you know? What will it be today?

We know to control the information and to control you, the Left has strategies for dealing with any news deemed harmful to their cause: a) Don’t acknowledge it. b) Tell you that you didn’t see/hear it. c) Tell you the truth is really a lie. d) Erase what’s been said. e) All of the above.

Well, Day One was what seemed like a monumentally newsworthy New York Post article headlined “Biden Secret E-Mails.” The subhead read, “Revealed: Ukrainian exec thanked Hunter Biden for ‘opportunity to meet’ veep dad.” Since Joe Biden had denied even talking to his son about that deal in the past, and since many people rely on social media to relay (or distort) the news from its original source, it seemed odd that social media did not report the news.

First on Day One, Facebook announced (on Twitter!) that it was “reducing” the story’s availability until fact-checkers approved the mainstream Post’s reporting. The story was long, a consequence of showing multiple documents and photos from the computer that was the source of the emails, as well as many people, place, and time specifics.

Later that day, Twitter banned its users from posting links to the article, and even from talking about it. Still later, they stated it violated their rules. After more than a week, the fact checking was not complete. There were no denials of the emails or the source by either Hunter Biden or Joe Biden himself. Hmmm.

Interestingly, executives of both companies have maintained to Congress that they are mere distributors of others’ content, and that they do not control that content. Hmmm. Meanwhile, The New York Post continued to serve up more from the computer, which is in the possession of the FBI, and reported to be legitimate. Twitter’s reaction to the Day Two add-on story of Hunter’s drive for a lucrative deal with China saw it block user tweets for the second day for the second story. Oh, and Twitter locked the Post’s account so they could not provide their reporting directly.

Caught up in Twitter’s censorship of potential problems for Joe Biden was Donald Trump’s press secretary, whose account was locked down until she gave into the demand to delete her tweet on the timely topic. It is not just timely, it is important information for the American public to incorporate into their voting for president. Facebook and Twitter have decided that is not to happen.

The mainstream, lamestream, fake media is taking the same path. Days into the censorship, the Associated Press was still describing the Post story with no further detail than “an unverified political story . . . about unverified emails . . . from Joe Biden’s son.” What could they be? Maybe about who Hunter plans to vote for?

 The major network and cable news networks (other than Fox News) chose either to downplay the story, not report it at all, or to label it—wait for it—Russian disinformation. Yes, back to the Left’s favorites conspiracists—it’s the Russians who apparently supplied Hunter’s computer, or hacked it, or did none of that, but fabricated a false story about it.

Just who is fabricating? Our Director of National Intelligence has said it is not tied to Russian disinformation, and the FBI said they have “nothing to add” to that. The next day the computer was reported to be linked to an FBI money laundering investigation. There’s been not much reporting on that, either.

Still not convinced that you should “move along—there’s nothing to see here”? The Left has called in experts to tell you not to believe your eyes. More than fifty former intelligence officials—many prominently linked to the Obama-Biden administration—have also proclaimed this “a Russian information operation.”  How do they know? They said they do not know if Hunter’s emails “are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement—just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious.”

And that’s good enough for proof, according to the Left. Nothing to see here.