Ever have someone try to withhold information from you that you deserved to know? Parents? Previous spouse? The prosecutor? How did you like that?

Today it’s happening before your eyes, courtesy of the Left. Here’s the range of their responses: a) Don’t acknowledge it. b) Tell you that you didn’t see/hear it. c) Tell you the truth is really a lie. d) Erase what’s been said. e) All of the above.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the “All of the above” stage. And it’s easy to tell what’s most important to the Left, because it’s always the topic they censor and lie about the most. Why waste time on small potatoes?

Let’s start with the coronavirus. Just as the virus has developed and spread as a health issue, it has developed and spread as a control issue. But you’re not allowed to talk about it as a control issue, because you will be denounced by the Left as trying to turn a health issue into a political issue. Wait, isn’t that what they just did—make it a political issue? NO! And stop saying that!

And who’s doing the controlling? Government, of course. After too many months and too many restrictions, courts had to step in Michigan and Pennsylvania to tell governors they were not dictators. But the Leftist Media also has their say—and with them, it’s onlytheir say. You don’t get to talk if they don’t like what you say. Facebook and Twitter control and censor your free speech.

Well, some people are idiots.

Yes, but not all are. Some are experts . . . just maybe not the experts that are allowed to be heard. Dr. Scott Atlas, one of Trump’s science advisors for the virus and a former department chief at Stanford University Medical Center, is an expert who is not to be heard. When his tweet questioned the efficacy of masks, it was soon blocked and his account disabled. He named cities, states, and countries where strict mask mandates had not stopped outbreaks.

Curious as to where? You’re not allowed to know. He also cited the WHO, the Oxford University Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and the CDC. Perhaps he did not have the latest word from each one—positions have changed and been qualified. But he repeated their words, which in this case were also not to be heard. In the case of the WHO, they did not endorse masks in the beginning of the pandemic, and only reluctantly did so in June, noting mask-wearing was “not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence.” So why wear them? “Observational evidence.” That’s wannabe scientific weaselspeak for “we see people doing it and your government says you should too.”

Facebook and Twitter as early as March saw the opportunity to aid kindred Democrats and Leftists in their social and political control efforts prompted by the virus. Both announced they would censor and remove content that could contribute to harm. In its truest sense, presumably no posts could reference Americans ever venturing outside their homes, lest they be harmed by the virus—or hit by a bus.

In April, Trump tweeted, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” Did he speak out against forced lockdowns? Did he just promote harm to citizens? Facebook and Twitter’s experts say lockdowns work! To the profound disappointment of his detractors looking to shut him down, both platforms found him to skirt their policies. Somehow, Twitter was also able to pronounce they could determine no harmful intentions. If not, they would’ve used their guess at his thoughts to stop his words.

But be sure to give the experts some airtime for their words. In October, a WHO spokesman said: “We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method.” What? Stop lockdowns? Daddy, please tell me the funny story again about the “experts” Facebook and Twitter use!

In July, Trump—the President of the United States of America–did have four tweets censored and removed by his betters in California, or India. Donald Trump Jr. fared worse, as his Twitter account was locked for posting the same video that had several doctors challenging the established “truth’ about masks and hydroxychloroquine. The video itself was purged from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Want to know what it said? Really? So you are one that likes lies? We’ll make a note.

In August, the President of the United States of America had his speech censored and removed by the faceless at Facebook. Want to know what someone so important said that’s so dangerous that you must be protected from hearing it?

“Children are ‘virtually immune’ to COVID-19.”

Yet the incidence in Children 0-9 (the only purely children’s group reported by the CDC) has averaged below 0.1%–less than one per thousand. The death rate for kids is much lower, with the CDC reporting up to age 14 at roughly one per million. (And that’s deaths with COVID confirmed or just presumed.) Virtually immune? Your child has a one in a thousand chance of being infected and a one in a million of dying. Sure, bad Trump!

So . . . the coronavirus and masks, lockdowns, medicines, and infection rates. Watch what you say. Big Tech is!