Let the lying begin!

I declare I am President-elect. When I lie, do not question me. Act like the Fake News and pretend not to even notice! Bow down. Assume the position.

Rightly anticipating problems with gathering 2020 election results, Chris Wallace asked Joe Biden a pointed question during the first presidential debate on September 29: “will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?”

Biden: “Yes. Here’s the deal: We count the ballots. As you pointed out, some of these ballots in some states can’t even be opened until Election Day. And if there’s thousands of ballots, [it’s] going to take time to do it.”

So on November 7, with ballots still being counted in many states, disputes brewing lawsuits, looming recounts, multiple tales of election fraud, and no certification of Biden as winner by enough states to make him president, what did Biden do?

Biden declared himself the winner. No waiting.

Biden declared himself the winner in his very first appearance and celebration of himself.

Biden can’t wait for the lying to begin! He’s ready! Wow, he just did it! Not even elected, but he said he is, and he broke his pledge to the American people, first time at bat.

Forgive Joe, it’s tough enough to remember day-to-day what people are telling you to say, but to have to keep track of past lies people told you to say is just too much to expect. He’s old. Plus, if one person tells you to say one thing, and another person tells you to say the opposite, does it really count as a lie? After all, it wasn’t your idea—not your fault.

It’s really no surprise to anyone for Biden to lie. Democrats routinely lie to America, and other Democrats are expected to tow the line, accept it, and defend it—actively. Republicans expect Democrats will lie to them. The media expects Biden to lie and is enlisted to help when he needs reinforcement. They have crowned him President-elect.

States have to certify results, and collectively their actions create a President-elect, to be confirmed by the electors of the Electoral College.

The Fake News media says forget all that, WE are running the show. And forget what Joe said about waiting—that was said to get elected, and now all bets are off. We’re going to pretend not to notice, and you should too, if you know what’s good for you.

Let the lying begin!

Bow down. Assume the position. Biden’s in charge. Grab your ankles. Bite down hard.