Republicans like limited government—at least those without RINO or Deep State Swamp Creature credentials. Democrats like big government. Totalitarian? Sure! A vote for Biden is a vote to invite government into your home—and body. Vote for Biden!

As refresher, let’s define totalitarianism. Merriam-Webster defines it as “centralized control by an autocratic authority” and “the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority.” If there were a picture with the definition, it might be Bernie Sanders vowing to take employer health care plans away from 150 million Americans to be put into his government Medicare for All system instead. Or maybe it would be Joe Biden vowing the confiscation of millions and millions of everyday semi-automatic weapons from Americans to effectively take away their god-given rights enshrined in the Second Amendment. Maybe both. Vote for Biden!

That’s why it’s so comforting that even though the Biden forces took the nomination away from Sanders, they teamed up to produce the BIDEN-SANDERS UNITY TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONSall 110 pages of them. No, the endlessly gassing website of Joe Biden alone is not enough, nor are the 90 pages of the 2020 Democrat Party Platform. They both have plenty of ideas for controlling your life, but they are not enough! Vote for Biden!

The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force sure sounds like the Sanders campaign. Remember, he is the avowed socialist, while Biden was the “moderate.” “Was” is the operant word, as Biden has achieved unity with Sanders on climate, criminal justice, the economy, education, health care, and immigration. Vote for Biden!

Wait, you say you thought limited government meant just protecting its people and their property while collecting just enough taxes to pay for the national defense and law enforcement efforts that requires? Au contraire! You thought big government was inversely related to individual freedoms? No, government will set you free! Vote for Biden!

And those task forces! Who better than the head of the teachers unions—that are for more money for teachers and less testing for students—to guide the education platform? Who better to guide the criminal justice effort than Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, who with his boss created the “cops are racist” diatribe and our riots against the police? And climate! Obama Secretary of State John Kerry will lead that effort. Who knew he was also a respected climate scientist? Wait, was the other loser Al Gore not affordable? And leading with Kerry is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Speaking of respected.. . . which one was Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber? Yes, these will be the Sherpas for the American people to reach the summit of Shangri-La. Vote for Biden!

Curiously, the health care task force no longer names the Sanders Medicare for All plan that would cost $3 trillion annually and double the size of the federal government. That’s big government! Vote for Biden!

Is it gone? No, it’s just not named! Universal health care is still demanded, it just won’t be mandatory—for the moment. (Well, except maybe any COVID vaccine, say the Democrats.) In the meantime, you can volunteer for a no-deductible, no co-pay plan paid for and run by your government. It’s guaranteed! If you are poor, you get it automatically! Does that include up to 22 million illegal aliens? Why not? Vote for Biden!

Of course, Bernie said Medicare for All would not add $3 trillion because Americans would save as much or more with it. His real mistake was in his stopping too short with his BS. Bernie should have extended his plan not just to have the government pay for health care, but for everything. It’s not too late. It can be done with the Unity Task Force! What is the slogan, the big lie? NO MORE TAXES! Vote for Biden!

How? When Americans rely on the government for everything, it is folly to pay out for everyone’s support only after taking in a similar amount in taxes. Why not eliminate all those debits and credits back and forth? Why not have the government keep your income to pay your—and everyone else’s—support? There really is no need for individual accounts. The server in the prison mess hall does not have to account for each meal served to each inmate—he just serves up the same bowl of slop to everyone. Vote for Biden!

This is the dream of the Left—to have the power to control everything and to make the decisions for everyone. How else to stamp out inequality? Does it look a little too much like the communist Soviet Union? Does it smack just a bit of totalitarianism? Well, maybe on paper, says the Left, but the difference is, “we are good people”! Be assured that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Pol Pot felt the same. And Idi Amin was supposed to be a great guy when you got to know him. Vote for Biden!