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You think you have rights?

Are they still rights if you are unable to exercise them?

The Left assaults your rights 24-7. While you are sleeping in New York and Georgia, the Left is still up in California and Washington, tearing down monuments, breaking into courthouses and police stations, and terrorizing citizens like you. Plan to visit and stroll around downtown Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Richmond, Atlanta, or even Washington, DC anytime soon? Bring the kids, or the grandkids?

How do you push back?

You should start by understanding what’s really happening, and seeing the many threads being sewn into the totalitarian straightjacket that the Left will use to truss you up and subdue you.

You should start here.

Fifty-Six Things The Left Will Take Away From You is a book unlike any other. It looks at the entire landscape, and reports hundreds of documented cases of the Left trouncing your rights. Even better, it explains and connects what may seem like disparate happenings so that the real motivations and ends of the Left may be revealed.

See the big picture.

The Left controls your schools and your media. It controls your government. It worked ceaselessly to overthrow an American president that threatened it. Don’t argue whether it is a conspiracy, just understand that it is all a plan—a fantastic plan that is escalating before your eyes.

You can’t resist if you can’t see it.

Fifty-Six Things The Left Will Take Away From You will ensure you see it. You can’t resist if you can’t even hold your own in a conversation. You can’t resist if you accept that your thoughts are not permitted.

Get educated! Get active!

You have been quiet too long. Once that was your choice. Now the Left is working to make sure your inaction is their choice.

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Wynn Willard

CEO, lawyer, college professor, and scholar, Wynn Willard is uniquely experienced to see the big picture and explain it. Teaching at a large state university and going to law school as an older, seasoned executive revealed to him the folly and fealty of the Left. Amazed at the destructiveness of the Left’s radical agenda, he has documented hundreds of examples and fit them into a revealing framework.

Wynn Willard, Author