How should the Democrat nominee for President of the United States of America select his/her/zyr vice presidential running mate?

By the genitals.

Joe Biden announced during a Democrat debate on March 15, “I’ll pick a woman to be Vice President.” However, like a good Lefty, he shall not mandate that he actually see any of their genitals as evidence of their fit with his selection criterion—gender is whatever you decide it to be, didn’t you know?

Note that Biden has excluded nearly half the population from consideration. Aren’t we told over and over that exclusion is bad and inclusion is good? Oh yes, but we are also told that men are bad and women are good. There is a pecking order here, and according to the Left, men and inclusion must give way for women and exclusion. Hello! Are you really that sheltered? Or politically backward?

Of course, on paper men have the same protection against sexual discrimination in hiring as women, but male Democrats know to be team players and not to make a fuss. Nor will the media be upset or even cautionary. The whole concept of qualifications must give way. Best man for the job? Please! You’re not supposed to even think that anymore, much less say it out loud.

If the exclusion is significant with eliminating all men, how about more exclusion by eliminating all women who are also white?  Biden announced in nearly the same sentence he would nominate the first black woman to the US Supreme Court. Maybe that’s what he meant for vice president too. He has been confused and misspoken or flip-flopped before. Surely enough, as his process progressed, word came down that he really wanted his selection to be both a woman and black. Now we are down to under 7% of the population, excluding fully 93% as wrong genitals or pigmentation.

But will that produce the best vice president for the job? Not at all likely. At just 7% the GDP of the US, Australia and Spain are not likely to better the US in economic clout or prosperity. How about the Olympics? Niger and Sri Lanka have about 7% the population of the US. How successful have they been in the medal count? In NCAA athletics, Division I schools can be four times as selective in picking the best athletes from their larger student populations than the Division III schools. Do any Division III schools have a good chance of besting the Division I teams for national championships in football or basketball? Haha, good one, hayseed!

No, this is just a continuation of Democrat identity politics not putting the country first with voters now not even putting the country first with candidates. The best candidates need not apply if they are not women and, ideally, black or brown—or any of the colors of the rainbow other than white.

So among Biden’s reputed top picks with the restricted field of qualified black women are one who is reportedly a soft-core porn book author, and another, a communist sympathizer. Yet another, Susan Rice, demonstrably lied to Americans multiple times about Benghazi. Kamala Harris painted Biden a racist to his face for millions to see and hear, yet she is said to be on the list because of yes, qualifying genitals and pigmentation. Is Biden that forgiving, or just that desperate? Feeling good about this yet?

Turning up the wick on this whole issue is Biden’s mortality and seeming frailty. About 10% of our presidents have died of natural causes in office, elevating their vice presidents to the most powerful position in the world. Worse, 100% of our presidents have been younger than Joe Biden. Is Vegas posting odds yet?

It is a shame for America, and especially Democrat men who may be better qualified than any of Biden’s self-imposed field. Then again, as Democrats who are satisfied to follow the party line on everything from Big Government to climate change to guns, while these men may be more qualified, in the end they may be no more capable of governing well than these women. Who needs competency, anyway?

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