Some large portion of the electorate will not vote for Donald Trump based on his disposition, as crookedly caricatured by the media and his Democrat opponents. Some others may be prejudiced against orange people. For shame! Many more are against his policies, but few can name more than one of them. Trump is bad! Yes, everybody has their opinions. Que sera sera.

For those who are truly open- and civic-minded, please consider what you are buying when you vote for Joe Biden. Your vote is a vote to tear America down. Destroy America? Yes, as we know it. Try to keep reading and be open to considering facts in your decision-making.

With your vote for Joe Biden, you vote for: the Green New Deal, at a cost of $9 trillion annually—twice the size of today’s federal budget. You vote for: Medicare For All, Biden’s adoption of Bernie Sanders’s plan where 150 million would be forced to give up their health care plans from their employers to be put into a government system. You vote for: free health care for illegal aliens, whose numbers are not even known, but range from 11 million to 22 million.

You vote for: overturn of the Second Amendment and the gun confiscation that denies you your God-given right of self-defense. You vote for: defunding and “reimagining” police at the same time you vote to hand your guns to the government. You vote for: supporting Black Lives Matter and denouncing all whites as white supremacists.

You vote for: seeing your religious beliefs labeled “discrimination” and you branded a bigot.

You vote for: paying for the college loans of millions of people—many in the workforce, earning good livings. You vote for: newly paying for the Pre-K, trade school, community college, and public college and university education expenses of millions, added to your tax support for K-12 schooling.

You vote for: repealing your Trump Tax cuts and overturning his across-the-board reductions of government regulations. You vote for: gargantuan tax increases that Democrats will not discuss, nor even acknowledge in the face of initiatives more than doubling or tripling the size of government.

You vote for: a return to bowing to China, to Iran, and to one-world-government bodies like the World Health Organization and the UN Human Resources Rights Council who rule at Americans’ expense.

You vote for: making as many as 22 million illegal aliens citizens, all of whom are then indebted and expected to vote Democrat.

You vote for: statehood of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, supported by Democrats as a way of adding four Democrat senators to establish a solid Senate majority.

You vote for: destroying the two-party system and destroying the Constitution’s checks and balances. Democrat leaders say they will “consider” changing Senate rules to pass laws with 51 votes, rather than the current 60 (i.e., eliminate the filibuster rule). Democrats then may use that power to pack the Supreme Court, making as many Democrat appointments as needed to ensure the Court acts as their own partisan super-legislative body to be the final word in pressing their Leftist agenda.

These are the words of the Democrats—from the Democrat Party Platform, the Biden campaign website at, the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations, and individual interviews and quotations. This is not a fairy tale or a fabrication.

Some of those too busy, too apathetic, or too ignorant like to claim that voting doesn’t make much of a difference because all politicians are the same. No, some don’t like America, and want to see it remade. Some love power. Some are guilty of both. You just viewed over twenty efforts to enlarge government, dominate government, and exercise greater power over you. Freedom be gone.

Joe Biden? Joe is to be the harmless old grandpa you invite in. Be sure to set the table for Nancy, Chuck, 15 Supreme Court justices, 22 million illegal aliens, and 1.4 billion Chinese. You vote for: the things the Left will take away from you.

P.S. In short form, here is the list of “You vote for”: over twenty major assaults on your freedoms and wallet! The Green New Deal; Medicare for All; free health care for illegal aliens; gun confiscation and overturn of the Second Amendment; defunding police; support of Black Lives Matter and denouncing whites as white supremacists; your religion treated as discrimination; college loans forgiven and paid by you; taxpayer paid school expanded to Pre-K, trade schools, community colleges, and public colleges; overturn of Trump tax and regulation cuts; giant tax increases to pay for doubling or tripling the size of government; bowing to China, Iran, and the WHO; making as many as 22 million illegal aliens citizens; making DC and Puerto Rico new Democrat states; eliminating the Senate filibuster so Democrats can legislate with just 51 votes; and packing the Supreme Court to make it a super-partisan legislative body with the final word in the Leftist agenda.